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Jamila Sozahdah is a Board Certified Physician Assistant and is originally from Southern California. She went to college at George Washington University and University of Calfornia Riverside where she studied Sociology and Biology in addition to her pre-med studies. Ms. Sozahdah earned her Masters in Physician Assistant Studies from Western University of Health Sciences and completed a fellowship in Emergency Medicine from Arrowhead Regional Medical center, St. Bernadine’s Hospital, and Desert Regional Medical Center. Aside from her excitement in the emergency room, Ms. Sozahdah has a particular interest in the field of preventative and regenerative health.

Jamila dedicated seven years of her medical career in several trauma and ER centers throughout Southern California. Her exposure and treatment of various disease processes led her to seek ways of discovering alternatives for her patients who suffered from chronic conditions. In 2015, Jamila founded DripDoctors with her colleague and started an upward movement of health and wellness to communities throughout Northern and Southern California. Her practice focuses on IV Vitamin therapy, Anti-Aging and Regenerative medicine, along with non-invasive cosmetic procedures that utilize stem cells. Her passion combined with her vast knowledge of the human body and behavior allows her to help people maintain excellent health, vitality, and optimal function of the mind, body, and spirit.
Born to immigrant parents from Egypt and Afghanistan, Jamila is the 7th born daughter of 10 daughters from the same parents. She was raised in a suburbs of Southern California where she matured quickly into life after enduring the tragic murder of her father at the age of 12. That was a turning point for her as a female minority as she realized education and hardwork were the only guarantees in life to provide a structured balance. At the age of 16, Jamila graduated from high school and then University at the age of 19 with a BS in Biology and Sociology. She was set on studying in the field of medicine as she always dreamed of becoming a doctor since the age of nine.

Prior to her diverse experience and practice in the field of emergency medicine, and recent endeavor as an entrepreneur, Ms. Sozahdah was a credentialed teacher and instructed Honors Literature to high school students at the age of 19. Currently Ms. Sozahdah acts as CEO of DripDoctors and focuses her dedication on expanding her regenerative practice to several corporate locations throughout California, with future intentions to do so nationally. In her free time, Ms. Sozahdah enjoys travel, learning languages, and staying fit through boxing and exercise.

  • Founder of Drip Doctors.
  • Board Certified Physician Assistant through the NCCPA.
  • Specializes in IV Vitamin Therapy and Cosmetic Enhancements.
"Everyone desires a long and healthy life. Regardless of these desires, some situations and conditions arise hence requiring the individual to seek options to improve health."

With IV Vitamin Therapy, individuals no longer have to worry about swallowing vitamin tablets or capsules. IV Vitamin Therapy has become an increasingly popular trend across the world for a number of reasons. From celebrities who seek optimal health and well-being to patients undergoing chemotherapy who look forward to a peaceful recovery process, this therapy has been recommended for everyone with a desire to live a longer and healthier life.

Jamila Sozahdah